In order to receive proper medication role of a proper consultant is vital.
Technology lead diagnostics to a climax. Just a small quantity of blood, scan or imaging can tell a lot about your body condition. Still a proper physician or consultant is needed to diagnose the disease, level of disease and treatment. This is the right approach towards proper healing.
Self-medication, over medication and wrong medication all have damaging effects on your body.
There are different systems of treatment of human diseases. All are fine if diagnosed properly and proper medicine is used. As the goal is to heal up a person from illness or disease.

Herbal system of treatment is gaining popularity for its low side effects and close to natural way of healing.
In herbal system diagnoses according to its philosophy is a must for good results.
At Sehat Matab we are very much concerned about proper diagnosis that’s why designed patient intake form and temperament form to help out diagnostic process.
Still patients want to explain their feeling and conditions and consultant need more information to finalize his findings.
For this purpose, online consultation is available.
You may ask for appointment but with the current situation of pandemic online consultation is preferred. Timing is also flexible. You can avail time suitable for you.

Fee PKR 1500 time 30min
Children 5 to 10
Fee PKR 1500 time 45 min